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To better understand how to face to the recurring nuisances caused by the numerous crows in Paris, a study was set up by the National Museum of Natural History at the request of the city's environmental services since July 2015.

It's about capturing and tagging crows, to study their movements and survival.
At the beginning of 2022, more than 900 crows have been captured in Paris and fitted with colour rings with a 3-digit code which allows them to be identified when they are relocated. Each year, the general public and ornithologists communicate to the museum 27154 relocations of ringed individuals, especially in Paris and the close suburbs, but also at longer distances.

This website was created to allow observers to report their observations of colour-ringed crows, and to provide access to the history of each ringed bird. You can thus consult the different observations of a bird, by visualizing its places of observation on a map.

Good observations, beautiful explorations and good crows!

The observations of ringed crows of the day 
 DateRing codeDepartmentLocalityRoad/SiteObservers  
 07/06/2023   003   Département de ParisPARISJardin des plantes Marie-Lan Taÿ Pamart
 07/06/2023   148   Département de ParisPARISJardin des plantes Marie-Lan Taÿ Pamart
Top 10 of the most distant
recoveries from ringing
Top 10 of the highest
longevity since ringing
Ring codeDistance  
  469   333.628 km
  013   263.734 km
  095   214.178 km
  130   196.161 km
  160   158.433 km
  573   145.596 km
  095   113.688 km
  133   110.626 km
  035   59.652 km
  061   57.493 km
Ring codeLongevity /ringing  
  003   2891 jours
  011   2887 jours
  001   2874 jours
  006   2854 jours
  010   2738 jours
  070   2731 jours
  099   2597 jours
  065   2546 jours
  089   2531 jours
  093   2522 jours

  Sources © Arnaud LH - contact site - contact Programme - Crédits photographiques : Marie-Lan Taÿ-Pamart, Yves Gestraud, Frédéric Jiguet